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Twitter Security Tip – ‘Hot Stove’ Theory

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Twitter Security Tip – ‘Hot Stove’ Theory

Following on from my most successful blog post last month, here is another internet security tip for all you Twitter users.  My buddy Jack Bauer was kind enough to share this with me:


The Twitter folk are also onto it:

WARNING: If you see a link prefaced by “don’t click,” it is a trick
and you *really* should not click (we’re on it)

but I would back Jack Bauer anyday over anyone else.

If you do click these links (Even though they say “don’t”; A bit of the hot stove theory, ‘don’t touch the stove, it’s hot’ but you always touch it just to check for yourself and then get burnt as a result) you will probably end up with some form of malware on your computer.

Stay Safe

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