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  • Jan 14 / 2009
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Web 2.0

Wakoopa – Social Networking Your Applications

wakoopa_smAs you already know, I love discovering and trying out new cool applications. Last week I came across this application that literally feeds me new applications to try out. 

How cool?!!  This application is called Wakoopa (http://wakoopa.com).

Wakoopa tracks the software (both web and desktop) you are using and for how long.  You can measure your productivity?!? (I spend way to much time answering email) This information is also shared within Wakoopa community.  You can see what cool applications others are using and gives everyone a place to review them .  It also gives you a list of people who use similar applications and you can ’stalk’ out other apps you may like to try.  It even makes application recommendations that you may like!

It’s really simple to use:


  1. Sign Up
  2. Download and install the small (About 300kb) tracker that runs silently in the background.
  3. Configure settings (Username, password, proxy etc)
  4. Every 15 mins your software use information is uploaded to your online Wakoopa account and tabulated into dashboards and tables for your use and vieing by the community.

Another note, if you use more than one pc, it can handle your results from multiple sources. 

I fully understand this kind of application may freak some people out (Particularly those who spend too much time on Facebook!!) but has definately opened me to some other cool applications which I will share in the future.  For me this application is harmless fun!

See what I am using by clicking “App Tracker” above.