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  • Jul 11 / 2012
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Web 2.0

And then there was Digsby!

Yep….another one gone!  Well this one is still going to be around! (My Original Digsby Post)

The people at Digsby announced today that Digsby is going to be given to the Open Source Community.

Read About it Here: http://blog.digsby.com/archives/1947

Digsby was a great tool (It was my “Application of 2008“) and I was one of it’s number one fans for a long time but I have to admit that for a few reasons I stopped using it:

  1. The development of Digsby slowed down & other Apps came available and took over
  2. My need for multiple IM support declined – All my friends have standardized on Facebook Messenger or Skype (Now integrated) – I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft merges MSN Messenger with Skype very soon.

Let see what the community does with Digsby!  I wish it the best!

  • Dec 23 / 2008
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Web 2.0

Digsby – My Favourite Application of 2008

digsby_100x100If you only could install one application on your computer in 2009, install Digsby!Have you also been caught up in the Web 2.0 world where IM and Social Networking have taken over you life like me?Previously I had about 4 IM programs running not to mention the browser constantly open with Facebook, Twitter and my webmail.  Digsby consolidates all your Instant Messaging, Social Networking and Email under one roof.  I had tried this previously with iGoogle but nothing has produced the success and ease of use of Digsby.It has support for the following:

Instant Messaging clients:

Email Accounts:

Social Networking:

It works, it is light on your system and life just got easier!  Download Now!

Unfortunately it isn’t available for Mac OS yet, but I’m sure it is not far off.

Installation Tips:  When the installation wizard comes up click ‘Accept’ for Digsby and then for the following pages 8 or so pages, click “Decline” otherwise you will end up with a whole lot more ‘advertising’ apps than your bargained for.  Once installed you never get any advertising!

Happy Digsbying!