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  • May 05 / 2010
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Web 2.0

Meet Google Wave

Another great way to explain Google Wave in less than 2 minutes…..We just need everyone to get on board and use it.

  • Apr 27 / 2010
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New Toys, Random Thoughts

Bing Cashback: It’s FREE Money

This post has a slightly different tone about Microsoft/Bing than my last blog post!  Thanks to Bing Cashback I have now saved $244.33 in the past few months whilst shopping online.  Last week I got an extra 25% off a brand new HP laptop (Thanks @hpdirect for the tip off)  I can’t work out why 99% of people I talk to don’t know about this.

Microsoft launched Bing Cashback very shortly after they launched Bing (with Bing Shopping) as a way to hi-jack users away from the popular Google Products and draw them towards Bing (This is how I see it at least).

If you aren’t already using Bing Shopping or Google Products you are already missing out of a way to save lots of money shopping online.  You simply type the product you wish to purchase and it brings back a list of all the online retailers selling that product with all the pricing information (including tax & Shipping) to show you which is the cheapest retailer.  When you shop online, you shouldn’t have to pay shipping (possibly tax also….lets not go there) and these sites make this simple for you to get the best deal.

Bing Cashback now adds even more value to using site like these.  Not only can you find the best price, pay no shipping and pay no tax but if you go through Bing Shopping you can get on average another 5-10% off, sometimes even more like my recent purchase at HP. (Discount varies from retailer to retailer)  Bing will either send you a check or direct deposit money directly into your PayPal, Amazon Payments or bank account.

It’s as easy as this:

1. Sign up to Bing Cashback using a Windows Live ID (Your old Hotmail account that is now just collecting spam) – https://cashbackaccount.bing.com/cashback/welcome.aspx

2. Once you log in, clicksettingsand complete:

  • ‘Your cashback account information’
  • ‘Rewards Methods’ – Using your Paypal account ensures the fastest cash back
  • ‘Quick cashback program’ – This makes it even faster to get free money!

3. Start Shopping using http://www.bing.com/shopping

4. Find the product you want, for the best price and click “go to store”

  • You will only get the Cashback when you go through Bing Shopping

5. A window will pop up, enter your email address associated with your Bing Cashback account.

  • At this point Bing Cashback will put a cookie on your computer and you will be redirected to the product on the retailer’s website

6. Shop & complete the transaction as normal.

  • You won’t get anymore Bing Cashback visual interaction at this point.  All information is being sent in the background thanks to that little cookie

7. Usually within 10mins you should see your Cashback in your Bing Cashback account as ‘Pending’.

8. Money is then usually deposited in your PayPal account in between 7 to 30days


No Shipping Charges, No Tax and now Free Money…..a great way to buy more toys!!

A few tips:

  • Use Internet Explorer; It seems to work better with the cookies
  • When using Bing Shopping or Google Products make sure the retailer is a reputable.  Just search for reviews for that retailers.  Sometimes items are too cheap to be true.
  • It works on eBay items also!
  • I think Google Products is a better product search engine
For more information, read the Bing Cashback FAQs

  • Jul 21 / 2009
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Web 2.0

Surf the Google Wave on Sept 30th

google_wave_logo google has announced on the Wave Blog that they will let 100,000 people to start using Google Wave (and reporting bugs)….hopefully I will be one of them!


“In other news: this morning we announced that we plan to start extending the Google Wave preview beyond developers on September 30th. This will take place on wave.google.com rather than the separate “sandbox” instance we are currently using, and we plan to involve about 100,000 users. In addition to the developers already using Wave, we will invite groups of users from the hundreds of thousands who offered to help report bugs when they signed up on wave.google.com.”

With over 6000 developers building plugins and extensions, this is set to be awesome!

  • Jul 13 / 2009
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Random Thoughts

Thank you for your LIVESTRONG Challenge support…here are the photos!

Hello Supporters,

First off……a MASSIVE thank you for your sponsorship in the Livestrong Challenge that I completed yesterday.  You support & generousity is very much appreciated and together you donated a total of $1010.00.  THANK YOU!

Secondly…….we made it.  We managed to complete the 65 mile (104km) course in 4hrs 15mins.  The training paid off.  (I don’t even have a sore bum!)  Just a little tired.

Thirdly…..It was an amazing day and experience.  I don’t know where to start.  There were some true heros yesterday.  It was incredible the number of people who participated in the Livestrong Challenge who were survivors of cancer.  I lost count of how many people I rode past with “I am a survivor” sign on them.  It was truely inspirational.  Over 3600 people rode yesterday in San Jose raising over $1.3 million to help fight cancer and inspire those who are battling cancer.

It was a great personal achievement to ride 100km but I think I felt more of an achievement raising money and being part of such an event.  Over the ride it was great to chat to other riders and hear their stories of battle or why they were riding.  It was amazing the number of people who lined the streets of the course ringing cow bells, banging pots and holding signs of support.  Nothing inspires you more to ride harder when you see signs like “I am currenty fighting cancer. Thank you for riding” or “I am a cancer survivor, Living Strong”.

Here are ther photos…..http://www.nickbell.com.au/wp2016ph/v/lifeusa/livestrong_challenge/

Thank you all so much.  I am sure the Lance Armstrong Foundation appreciates it also.


  • Jun 05 / 2009
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Web 2.0

“What would email look like if it were invented today?”


It was just over a week ago I sat down and watched the video below and ever since then there hasn’t been an hour of work that has gone by where I haven’t gone “I wish I was working in a Wave”.

Last Thursday in San Francisco at Google I/O (Google’s developer conference) there was a preview of Google’s latest piece of software they have been working on that they plan to release later this year, Google Wave.  Google Wave is the latest brain child of Google Maps creators, Lars and Jens Rasmussen, who have been developing this project out of my home town of Sydney, Australia since 2007.  This project stemmed from an idea Jens had in 2004 when he asked the question “What would email look like if it were invented today?” considering email was invented over 40 years ago, before the internet was even around, and was based on ‘snail mail’, way before the concept of wikis, blogs, twittering or any online social network.


Google Wave will redefined communication as we know it.  You know those long ’email conversations’ you have that fill up your inbox and people reply at different stages in the conversation and you get totally lost?  With Google Wave, this will no longer be the case.

“Goodbye annoying email conversations”

This new way of collaboration and communication will change the way we work (and play for that matter) in a such a positive manner.  For most people my age we struggle to understand how people manage to work before the days of email and mobile phones.  How did anyone get any work done?  I believe we are about to see Generation Z begin to say “How did anyone ever get work done before Wave’s?”

I’d encourage you to find 80mins to watch the video below, but if you don’t have 80mins, here are some highlights of what Google Wave will offer:

  • Waves will replace email messages and replies – One Wave = Email message, Email replies, comments, edits (With Playback so you can see how the message, conversation etc evolves if you come in late!!)
  • ‘Live’ instant messaging transmitting –  Which means you can see the text ‘live’ as the other person types it.  50% of instant messaging time is spent waiting for the other person to reply.  Google Wave allow you to start formulating your reply whilst reading. (You can turn this off if you like to fine tune your IMs)  It even provides instant language translation for 40 languages (Rosy Robot)
  • Collaborative authoring of documents, photo albums, wikis etc (It’s just another Wave)- Only one single point of truth (With playback aswell to see the history of the markups) and everyone can work on it at the same time!  Wow!
  • It will be Open Sourced – This will help adoption, building of a bigger and better product and also accerate the evolution of what a Wave can offer
  • Google will share the Protocol – Allow communication between different Wave platforms.
  • You will be able to run your own Wave platforms – This will suit enterprises and groups that are concerned with the privacy of a hosted service
  • Embeded APIs to allow you to embed Waves on Web Pages and track/monitor/manager everything all from within ONE Wave client.  Great example in the Video called ‘Bloggy’ for updating Blogs but you could also integrate Waves into discussion groups, forums and social networks.  The options are limitless.
  • Extension APIs – Allows you to extend waves functionality with other server side programs, write your own gadgets and games, and pretty much integrate with ANYTHING! (The team have also created an amazing spell checker all ‘Spelly’ that not only checks spelling but auto fixes on context,  There is even one for updating Twitter!!)
  • Wave will be available on iPhone and Google Android mobile devices (Runs in the browser with the same code)

I can’t wait to start to Wave!  Life is going to change!

  • May 01 / 2009
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Web 2.0

Twitter is dead! Time to Flutter!

flutterThe revolution of micro-blogging with Twitter is over……It may be time to consider nano-blogging,  Fluttering.  Instead of having 140 characters to tell the world what you are doing or your latest bodily movement you now only have 26 characters!