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My Ears Love Me (And so does my wife)

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My Ears Love Me (And so does my wife)

One of the many great things about this move to the US for me was that I ‘had’ to buy a new home theatre system.  Damm!!

I always approached most things with the ‘bigger the better’ attitude but when it came to speakers this didn’t sit wellwith the wife.  She made it known quite clearly and set the number 1 criteria for the speakers that ‘they must not take over the living room’!  Mmmmm….I had to do some research.

After many hours researching and reading reviews;  If you are after compact, high performance and good value speakers  I can fully recommend Aperion Audio’ s Intimus 4B Harmony speaker set.  I never thought such compact speakers could produce such a quality sound.  The build quality is amazing. Each speaker box is made out of 3/4″ MDF!

Aperion Audio as a company to deal with were amazing.  They are the kind of company that goes the extra mile.  They are based out of Portland, Oregon.  3 days after ordering my speakers they arrived, packed securely in 1 inch foam, all in their own individual tailor made blue velvet, draw string bags.  Aperion also included an accessory pack which included a sound meter, cleaning cloth and to top it off White Gloves for handling your speakers.

Here is an extract from the delivery confirmation that topped it off:

“Your shipment is now on its way to you via FedEx Home Delivery. While Kelli was carefully hand-packing your shipment, we all sang a song of farewell and blew confetti about the warehouse. Then we packed your speakers on the truck, snapped to a smart salute and sent them on their way.

If any confetti remains on your box, please dispose of it carefully. One can never fully trust confetti.”

My ears love me and so does the wife!

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