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Marketers today need to be technical

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Marketers today need to be technical

Image courtesy of adamr / FreeDigitalPhotos.netLast week I wrote a blog post about traditional marketing being a thing of the past (maybe I should have said “dead”!!) and basically how it is all about digital (SEM, Display Media, SEO, Social, UX, Remarketing, etc) marketing strategies.  I mentioned that many CMOs are going to become obsolete if they don’t start adopting modern methods but I think we can say the same about all marketers.  If you are a marketing person and you are not technical, WATCH OUT!  Marketing today is all about the technology.

As a marketer today you need to drive and understand marketing technology to get the value (and of course the results).  If you just think you can sign up for a “cloud marketing service” and think you can do everything in the UI, I have news for you, you are just scratching the surface of most of these tools.

I read this great post last week posted by Jeanne Roué-Taylor on Successful Workplace,  If your marketers aren’t geeks, get new marketers” and I think the title sums up the future.   The marketing skillset has shifted.

“This new world of marketing means a change out of skill set, strategies, tactics, processes and technology. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that today’s top marketers aren’t students of traditional marketing. In fact, the marketing degree may be an obstacle more than a benefit in a world that is data-driven and most likely, very close to real-time.”

So how do you know if you are “geeky” enough to be a marketer today?  Simple question (not the only one but a good start):

When you swipe your credit card and buy one of these “Marketing Cloud Services”, do you have to wait for IT, an engineer or a consultant to implement something before you can use it?  If you answered “No” because you just handle all the technical implementation (tags, integration, JavaScript variables etc) yourself, YOU ARE GEEKY ENOUGH TO BE A MARKETER….maybe!

If you are a marketer today, become an expert on APIs, analytics and big data!  Your career will thank you for it!

Also from  Jeanne Roué-Taylor‘s post, maybe a topic for the future…..

“The trend is so profound, in fact, that CIO’s everywhere are complaining that they’re losing their most precious jewels…IT budget…to marketers who refuse to play by IT’s long timelines and big costs.

The new CMO is probably buying SaaS products that the CIO may not even know about.”

**Image courtesy of adamr / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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