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Thank you for your LIVESTRONG Challenge support…here are the photos!

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Thank you for your LIVESTRONG Challenge support…here are the photos!

Hello Supporters,

First off……a MASSIVE thank you for your sponsorship in the Livestrong Challenge that I completed yesterday.  You support & generousity is very much appreciated and together you donated a total of $1010.00.  THANK YOU!

Secondly…….we made it.  We managed to complete the 65 mile (104km) course in 4hrs 15mins.  The training paid off.  (I don’t even have a sore bum!)  Just a little tired.

Thirdly…..It was an amazing day and experience.  I don’t know where to start.  There were some true heros yesterday.  It was incredible the number of people who participated in the Livestrong Challenge who were survivors of cancer.  I lost count of how many people I rode past with “I am a survivor” sign on them.  It was truely inspirational.  Over 3600 people rode yesterday in San Jose raising over $1.3 million to help fight cancer and inspire those who are battling cancer.

It was a great personal achievement to ride 100km but I think I felt more of an achievement raising money and being part of such an event.  Over the ride it was great to chat to other riders and hear their stories of battle or why they were riding.  It was amazing the number of people who lined the streets of the course ringing cow bells, banging pots and holding signs of support.  Nothing inspires you more to ride harder when you see signs like “I am currenty fighting cancer. Thank you for riding” or “I am a cancer survivor, Living Strong”.

Here are ther photos…..http://www.nickbell.com.au/wp2016ph/v/lifeusa/livestrong_challenge/

Thank you all so much.  I am sure the Lance Armstrong Foundation appreciates it also.


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