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How to remove Conficker?

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How to remove Conficker?

I don’t normally talk about this type of security but I have had a number of people ask me in the last week about the Conficker worm as well as you haven’t been able to escape the talk within the press. There are reports that anywhere from 1 million to 10 million computers are infected.   If you keep your Windows and antivirus up to date or use a Mac, I wouldn’t freak out.  Find out all the details from the Conficker Work Group here.  I thought I’d provide you a helpful list of tools (depending on what virus scanner you currently use)  that can remove it from your computer if you are infected:

Remember to keep doing your Windows and Antivirus updates! 🙂


  1. James


    Good article. Sophos’ Conficker removal tool is the best one i’ve used although i downloaded 3 removal tools just to be sure i’m not infected.

    As long as people run these tools it should stop any serious outbreak.



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