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Death by PowerPoint

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Death by PowerPoint

As many of you know I spend a lot of my time creating PowerPoint presentations either for sales presentations, conferences or sales enablement. (Just look at my App Tracker to see!)  One of my fellow product marketing managers brought this presentation to my attention today (via Twitter) and I couldn’t have agreed more. (Not that I am saying that my presentations are currently boring 🙂 )

It’s 61 Slides long but don’t worry, it takes only a few mins to watch.

Now, remember, bullets don’t kill people, people kill people and now go break all those rules!!

For those Sydney Kings (yes, he has moved on)) and Boomers fans, Brian Goorjian is on Slide 18 as an example of passion.

Happy PowerPoint creating!


  1. Michelle Grice

    FANTASTIC!!!! I have just attended a conference where all the “rules” about Powerpoint were broken and I can think of an example matching all the bad examples you gave. You are exactly right: most people didn’t think about the meaning or purpose behind what they were saying. They liked the sound of their own voice and thought we needed to see those same sounds word for word in PP slides. I’m sure alot of them had alot more information that I would have found useful, but it was hard to keep focussed. Even the ones with “good” slides managed to make them a distraction rather than an enhancement. So many speakers think as long as they have the confidence to get up and speak they have themselves a presentation – but it is defeintly an art and this is an excellent training tool. I’m going to Google all the presenters right now and forward this to them 🙂


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